Haven On Record

Those Things You Listen To

The "Til The End" EP
Released 7th May 2001
Contains: "Til The End"
"Beautiful Thing"
"Speakers Corner"
"Feel Your Way"

Single "Beautiful Thing"
Released 2nd July 2001
Contains: "Beautiful Thing"
"Lying Tongue"
"Through It All"

Single "Let It Live"
Released 10th September 2001
Contains: "Let It Live"
"Comes A Change"
"Last Dance"

Single "Say Something"
Released 21st January 2002
CD1 Contains: "Say Something"
CD2 Contains: "Say Something"
"Tear It Down"
"No Sound"

Album "Between The Senses"
Released 4th February 2002
Contains: "Beautiful Thing"
"Where Is The Love"
"Say Something"
"Out Of Reach"
"Still Tonight"
"I Need Someone"
"Til The End"
"Let It Live"
"Is This Bliss"
"Keep On Giving In"
"Holding On"