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Welcome To The Best Unoffcial Haven Site Around!

Hello One And All! You've arrived at the unnoffcial website of Haven, Manchester's adopted new favourite sons. Haven play a soaring, melodic rock, and have been touted to follow in the footsteps of Coldplay and Starsailor.

This Is Haven!
Gary Briggs (Vocals)

Nat Wason (Guitar)

Iwan Gronow (Bass)

and Jack Mitchell (Drums)

And to these men shall the Earth be inherited!

Latest News Last Update- 24 Jan 02
Midweek figures show that "Say Something" is set to enter the charts at around number 22. Although it's no "Yellow", it must be considered a very capable chart return. But there's till time to buy it!
Here are the CD Details
CD1(RDT4) - Say Something / Outside / Sleep.
CD2(RDTX4) - Say Something / Tear It Down / No Sound.
7" (RDTS4) - Say Something / Outside

Contribute!! Yes You!!
Say Haven is run by one little man. Namely me. And despite my incredible talents and daashing good looks, I can't cover every Haven related thing ever. So if you would like to contribute anything, be it a live review, a link or just a picture of yourself holding a Haven CD, then drop me a mail at the address below.
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Site Info.
This site was online from the 2st Janusry 2002 to coicide with the release of "Say Something". It is run by me, Joe Wisbey, a lonely old man from Essex who is currently studying his A-Levels.
It was set up because I love Haven, and I want to get visitors. So there.

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